Why SpeedEdocs?

Currently the majority of Bulk Commodity Export Documentation is completed manually. Printing, scanning, manual inputs, and physical signing are all common steps in what should be a straight forward process. The large number of parties involved in export supply chains and the variability of each and every Shipment has made automation a difficult process in the past.

In eliminating the manual completion of export documentation, SpeedEdocs can improve payment times, eliminate costly errors (and direct commercial impacts), reduce staff requirements and also reduce barriers to entry for new exporters.


Why Use SpeedEdocs?

SpeedEdocs will generate PDFs and 100% accurate printed Bills of Lading, Statement of Facts and all other Export Documents from one central cloud based database.

All documents are fully tailored to your business requirements, and can be designed to appear exactly the same as your current documentation layouts.

Drawing on exclusive data feeds from the virtual Australian standard, “CargoMax” Draft Surveying software, all drafted documents can be completed with the click of a button.

SpeedEdocs also allows the data contained in every export shipment to be stored in one central hub, which can then be made available for any and all other software systems, from mine management tasks to SAP based accounting systems.

With full email functionality, there is no need to change any step in your current workflow process. SpeedEdocs mirrors your existing system, only faster and with more accuracy.