What is SpeedEdocs?

SpeedEdocs is a shipping documentation portal that makes commercial documentation fast, accurate and easy.​

Export Documentation Automation

SpeedEdocs is a software as a service (SaaS) portal, that automates the drafting and completion of export documentation for the bulk commodity industry.

Catering to exporters in Australia and Asia Pacific, SpeedEdocs utilizes direct data feeds from Marine Surveyors, Quality Testing Laboratories (Superintendents), Export Terminals, Port Authorities and Vessel Agents, to prepare and complete virtually any and all required export documents.

Bills of Lading

SpeedEdocs can create any required form of a Bill of Lading / Seaway Bill /Genway Bill, be it Liner specific or Congen, and they are all produced from drafts to originals with precise text positioning producing perfect documents every time.

CargoMax auto feed

By partnering with the industry leading CargoMax Draft Survey software, SpeedEdocs can operate in virtually any port or terminal in Australia and Asia Pacific and maintain automated feeds of Vessel’s draft survey results. SpeedEdocs is scalable to where ever you do business!

Export Documents

Any Export Document, from Shippers Declarations, Statement of Fact, Statement of Moisture, Statement of Cargo Loaded, Cargo Manifest can all be created and completed quickly and easily.


All Client data is encrypted and stored in company specific, segregated databases, all hosted by Microsoft Azure. Data ownership is maintained by the company generating the data, with security ensured by one of the largest and robust cloud based storage providers.




“SpeedEdocs is a revolutionary portal that brings together all related data ​for easy commercial documentation.”

All the Tools You Need in one Place

Work on any device where ever you are. All vessel documents are updated as you work so that the final printing of originals is ready in an instant.

Different staff members can take over different vessels to free up office staff in producing a more efficient labour pool.




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